“Mos Stellarium” invited at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein


“Mos Stellarium”, documentary by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron will be presented at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein from 3rd of July to 22th november 2015.


Video installation, 4 x 6 minutes inside the exhibition “The Grass is always Greener on the Other Side”. “Mos Stellarium Installation” is a video installation featuring parts of the homonymous documentary, split into 4 projections. The stories are shown simultaneously and connect different parts of the world, thus creating links between unknown destinies and ourselves.


“Mos Stellarium” is a poetic feature documentary about Dzemil, Milena, Anna, Yunus, Rijad and Eko, six young refugees who talk about their escapes and trips, as well as the new problems they encounter in Luxembourg. Most of them live without papers and security for years in the long corridors of the exiled. In all intimacy, they tell their stories as young refugees. Attached to the travelled landscapes and all the encounters, the memories look back at these strange journeys and turn to the future. It is about the human existence in a universal sense. Like mysterious constellations, their voyages began in Afghanistan, Syria or Montenegro. They headed for Europe, where the grass seems greener, Luxembourg in particular, and their destinies have turned them into young adults, full of dignity.


“Mos Stellarium” is produced by Tarantula with the support of Film Fund Luxembourg. The film will be released in Luxembourg this fall.