Joseph Rouschop




A graduate in Communication Arts and Sciences from the University of Liège, Joseph Rouschop created Tarantula Belgium at the end of the ‘90s, driven by the wish to safeguard the sincerity and dreams of the filmmakers with whom he was working. He produced his first documentaries and short films, and always underpinning his work is the desire to put people at the heart of them, with strong and meaningful subject matter.


Since 2002 and the first feature film “A Piece of sky” by Bénédicte Liénard, which was shown in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, Tarantula has contributed to the vitality of Belgian audio-visual production with films like “Folie Privée” and “Private Property” by Joachim Lafosse, “La Cantante de Tango” by Diego Martinez Vignatti, “Last winter” by John Shank, and “Mobile Home” by François Pirot.


Tarantula also plays a role in cinema without borders, in international co-productions with Mexico (“Batalla en el cielo” by Carlos Reygadas), Canada (“Congorama” by Philippe Falardeau), Palestine, Taïwan…