A film by Julien Henry, 2020

Genre: Thriller

Languages: French, Dutch

Subtitles: French, Dutch, English

Duration: 19 minutes

Countries: Belgium, France

Year: 2020



Tony and Marie are passionate about Bangers, a trashy variant of the stock car. Following a tragedy, their couple falls appart. Tony hung up the races as Marie vent her anger onto the speedway in violent crashes. When problemes resurface, they have no choice but to resolve their dispute where their community has always solved them : on the speedway.



Director: Julien Henry

Screenplay: Julien Henry, Charles Habib-Drouot & Aurélien Molas

Image: Manu Dacosse

Sound: Olivier Philippart

Production Designer: Kurt Rigolle

Costumes: Alice Eyssartier

Make-up: Sarah Roman

Editing: John Pirard

Music: Julie Roué


Cast: Erika Sainte, Wouter Hendrickx


Produced by Tarantula Belgique, CZAR.BE (Belgium), John Doe Production (France), Cookies Films (Belgium).


Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium (2021)

Budapest Film Festival, Hungary (2021)

Le Court en dit long ! Festival : 29ème édition, Belgium-France (2021)

CINEMONDES, International Independent Film Festival of Berck-sur-mer, France (2021)

Russian indie Film Festival, Russia (2021)

GwangHwaMun International Short Film Festival, South Korea (2021)

Sevilla Indie Film Festival, Spain (2022)



Expert in advertising and music videos, Julien Henry launched into the making of his first short film: “The Lynxes”.