A film by Benjamin Marquet, 2013

Genre: Documentary

Language: French

Subtitles: English, Dutch

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 87 min

Country: Belgium

Year: 2013



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At Sclessin, historical neighborhood of Liege, every weekend, 30.000 spectators flow in the bleachers of the most popular club in Belgium. Through the everyday life of five supporters, we discover the very personal relationship that binds them to a team that turns out to be more than a club. These five characters have in common Standard Liege as a driver of their existence: five lives with their doubts, their accidents or their trial and error.  And here emerges a sixth life, the club they shape all, despite themselves, through one game after the other.




Director: Benjamin Marquet
Script: Benjamin Marquet and Brieux Férot




Jérôme Defays
Francis Martin
Nadine Descendre
Christian Piot
Roby De Pauw
Chris et Lily Michez
Sébastien, Amandine et Junior Imhoff


Produced by Tarantula Belgique and Groupe Deux


- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula



Benjamin Marquet is a young French director with an ethnologist profile. After his short film “La Vie en Beau” ode to pleasure, he stands out thanks to two documentaries, “The Humanologue”, which he shoots in Senegal, and “Lads & Jockeys” in which he follows three teens in their first year in an equestrian training center. This film was selected at numerous festivals – including the FIFF in Namur, the San Francisco French Festival and the European Film Festival in Seville – and sold to broadcasters in more than five countries.





“Un documentaire qui sent bon le houblon et la frite, mais aussi, et surtout, les larmes et le fumigène.”

Mathias Edwards / So Foot