A film by Yilmaz Arslan, 2018

Genre: Drama

Languages: German, Turkish, Italian

Subtitles: English / German

Format: HD

Sound: 5.1

Running time : 92 min

Countries: Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium

Year: 2018

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The 12 years old OKTAY, is finally reunited with his parents after being under the guardianship of his grandmother in Turkey.
A story set in 1980’s Germany. A country where the social and cultural relief could not be further from his homeland.
Although OKTAY is facing life with a physical handicap, he will discover an unexpected world of love and friendship and share it with us till today.



Director: Yilmaz Arslan

Image: Jako Raybaut

Sound: Céline Bodson

Costumes: Carmen Di Pinto

Make-up: Jasmine Schmidt

Editing: Sophie Vercruysse


Cast :


Roland Kagan Sommer, Taies Farzan, Hilmi Sözer, Katharina Thalbach, Larisa Faber, Germain Wagner, Nora Koenig, Stefan Weinert, Markus Eim, Erdal Yildiz


Produced by Tarantula (Luxembourg & Belgium), MaxMa Film UG.


Taies Farzan & Hilmi Sözer_Sandstern_01 - Hilmi Sözer, Taies Farzan_Sandstern 01
Kagan Sommer_Sandstern_02 - Roland Kagan Sommer_Sandstern 02
Taies Farzan_Sandstern_03 - Taies Farzan_Sandstern 03
Katharina Thalbach & Kagan Sommer_Sandstern_04 - Roland Kagan Sommer, Katharina Thalbach_Sandstern 04
Sandstern_05 - Sinem Bilgi_Sandstern 05
Sandstern_06 - Erdal Yildiz with children_Sandstern 06


Hof International Film Festival (Germany)

23rd Berlin & Beyond Film Festival in San Francisco (USA)

24. Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland Nürnberg (Germany)
Public Award

Volgograd (Russia)



Yılmaz Arslan was born in Kazanll, Turkey, but has lived in Germany since 1975. In 1992, at the age of just 24, he made his debut film, Langer Gang, for which he subsequently won many awards. By his second film, Yara (1999) (Filmclub Award at the 1999 Max Ophüls Festival), he was simultaneously carrying out the roles of director, writer and producer. He did the same for his 2005 film Fratricide (Silver Leopard at the 2005 Locarno International Film Festival) coproduced by Tarantula and sold in 26 countries. Besides his activities of producer, screenwriter and director, he teaches cinema at Goethe Institut network in Europe. Also he is a consultant for script-development of the Medien-und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG). In 2016, he created a new production company: MaxMa Film.