A film by Olivier Babinet, 2019

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Languages: French

Subtitles: xxx

Format: xxx

Son: xxx

Duration: 90 min

Countries: France, Belgium

Year: 2018



While the world’s scientific community is seeking a way of preventing the extinction of pisces, the biologist Daniel Luxey is obsessed with becoming a father. While looking for a woman to be the mother of his children, Daniel comes across a strange fish caught in a net – a fish named Nietzsche – and discovers the thing he has really been lacking: love.



Director: Olivier Babinet

Screenplay: Olivier Babinet & David Elkaïm

Image: Timo Salminen

Sound: Paul Maernoudt

Production Designer: Pierre Pell

Costumes: Frédéric Cambier

Make-up: Laëtitia Bille

Editing: Albertine Lastera

Music: Jean-Benoit Dunckel


Cast: Gustave Kervern, India Hair, Ellen Dorrit Petersen


Produced by Tarantula Belgique and Comme des Cinémas (France).



After his short film “C’est plutôt genre Johnny Walker” (2009) who was praised in several festivals, Olivier Babinet directed two feature films: “Robert Mitchum est mort” (2011) and “Swagger” (2016).