La Cantante de Tango

A film by Diego Martinez Vignatti, 2010

Genre: Drama

Languages: French, Spanish

Subtitles: French

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 102 min

Country: Belgium, France, Argentina

Year: 2010





Helena is a great hope of tango. She is deeply, passionately in love. When she successfully passes an audition with her band for a residency in a prestigious Buenos Aires theater, her career seems to take off. But she is then struck by a tragedy: the man she loves no longer loves her. For Helena, who lives and sings for love, it is the end of the road. Obsessed and tortured by this loss, Helena is unable to overcome his wounded heart and becomes a shadow of itself. But what would happen if she starts over somewhere else? What if she leaves behind his suffering and begin a new life in another country? Perhaps she would be able to give up her pain to slowly learn to live and love …



Director: Diego Martinez Vignatti

Screenplay: Luc Jabon

Film Editing: Marie-Hélène Mora
Production designer: Patrick Colpart
Costumes: Tim Van Steenbergen
Sound: Gilles Laurent


Cast: Eugenia Ramírez Miori, Bruno Todeschini, Andrés Ramírez, Pieter Embrechts


Produced by Tarantula Belgique, Trivial Media (Argentina), Mobilis Production (France), Minds Meet (Belgium), De productie (Netherlands)


International Sales : Celluloïd dreams, Distribution Benelux Cinéart, Distribution Suisse Moa distribution


Locarno International Film Festival, Competition 2009

Göteborg International Film Festival 2010

Santo Domingo Muestra de Cine Festival 2010

Cinema Novo Festival 2010

Seoul Women’s Film Festival 2010

Washington DC International Film Festival 2010

Lille International Independent Film Festival 2010

Belfast Film Festival 2010

Turnhout OpenDoek Film Festival 2010

Utrecht Latin American Film Festival 2010

Tokyo International Film Festival, World Cinema Section

Warsaw Film Festival 2009

Sevilla Film Festival, Eurimages section

Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2009

Buenos Aires Ventana Sur Film Festival 2009

Kerala International Film Festival (India) 2009

Pune International Film Festival (India) 2009



Diego Martinez Vignatti is born in Argentina in 1971. He studied art history, script writing and photography before obtaining his law degree in 1995. The following year, he moved to Europe to study film. He entered the INSAS, the Belgian cinema school in the picture section.


In 2003 he directed his first film “Nosotros”, a feature documentary that was selected in several festivals including the International Film Festival Rotterdam (international competition), the Buenos Aires Film Festival (Argentina), Lussas, The Leipzig Film Festival and International documentary Film meeting in Montreal. The film also won the price of the SCAM, France 2004.