André an d’dissident stëmmen

A film by Donato Rotunno, 1999

Genre: Documentary

Languages: Luxembourgish

Subtitles: French

Format: 16:9

Sound: Stéréo

Running Time: 52 min

Countries: Luxembourg, Germany, France

Year: 1999



André Hoffmann was the last deputy elected from the Communist party of Luxembourg. Breaking off from the party, he resigned from his mandate and helped form a new mouvement called “Nei Lénk” (New Left).

The film follows his reelection as a deputy and shows how life can be guided by the need to give your opinion a place in the great consensus of mondialisation. The editing between one man facing the camera and his destiny and a group of young people looking for their own path generates a tension that gives us th opportunity to consider our own reflection.



Director: Donato Rotunno
Image : Jean-Paul De Zaetijd, Alain Marcoen, Patrice Michaux
Editing: Pia Dumont
Sound : Thierry Tirtiaux, Olivier Galle
Original music : Daan
Music: Dritte Wahl (Zu Klein)
Sound mix : Olivier Galle


Produced by Marco GIUSTI (Tarantula Luxembourg), Joseph ROUSCHOP (Tarantula Belgique), Philippe CALLEWAERT (Het Gematigd Zeeklimaat), Marianne OSTEAUX (Centre vidéo de Bruxelles).


Luxembourgish Documentary Week - 2001

Amiens Film Festival (France)



The career of the film director Donato Rotunno started with the short film “Fishtrip” (1996) and continued with documentaries on themes specific to Luxembourg, including immigration (“Terra Mia Terra Nostra”, 2012 ; “Les Mesures du rectangle”, 2002), cultural mixing (“Blà Blä Blá”, 2011), the role of politics in society (“André et les voix dissidentes”, 1999), and the relationship between contemporary art and film (“Making of a picture” and “Landscape with a corpse”, 2003, inspired by the work of Japanese photographer Kaoru Izima). His first feature-length fiction film, “In a Dark Place” (2006), won the award for best artistic contribution to the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis in 2007 and his second film, “Baby(a)lone”, an adaptation of the novel “Amok” by Luxembourg writer Tullio Forgiarini, tells the story of two lost teenagers, aiming for happiness in a society which has resigned from its duties. Now, he’s currently completing his next documentary “Dreams have a language” co-directed by the french artist Sylvie Blocher, and he’s working in collaboration with Jean Portante on an original script extending the themes dealt with in “Terra Mia Terra Nostra”.


A film studies graduate of the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-la-Neuve, as a producer, Donato Rotunno co-founded the production company Tarantula Luxembourg in 1995, through which, to date, he has supervised more than 20 feature films.


Donato Rotunno was born in Luxembourg in 1966. He lives and works in Luxembourg.