A Pelada

A film by Damien Chemin, 2013

Genre: Comedy

Languages: Portuguese

Subtitles: French or English

Format: 1.85 :1

Sound: Dolby 5.1

Running time: 82 min

Countries: Belgium, Brazil

Year: 2013



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In northeastern Brazil, Caio and Sandra, a working class young couple, try to spice up their sexual life as a last resort to save their marriage in crisis. A comedy about how twisted roads can lead you to the closest place.



Script & Director : Damien Chemin
DOP : Marc De Backer
Sound : Nicolas Hallet, Simone Dourado
Sound mix : Marc Bastien, Vincent Hazard
Decors : Everlane Moraes
Costumes : Diana Moreira
Editing : Pierre Haberer
Muscs : Dudu Prudente


Cast :


Caio : Bruno Pêgo
Sandra: Kika Farias
Oncle Gilvan : Tuca Andrada
Luana : Karen Junqueira


Produced by Joseph Rouschop, Valérie Bournonville (Tarantula Belgique), Wilson Goes (WG Produçoes)
Co-produced by Michel De Backer (mpointproduction), Luciano Correia (TV aperipê), Guy & Wilfried Van Baelen (Mollywood)


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Curta-SE Film Festival (Brazil)

Avanca Film Festival (Portugal)