Ostend – 1936

A film by Uli Edel , 2019

Genre: Historical Film

Languages: German

Subtitles: xxx

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 110 min

Countries: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel

Year: 2019



In 1936, exiled artists including charismatics, talented and well-known authors Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth and Irmgard Keun find themselves in Ostend. The film follow those artists, little solicited in Nazi Germany, during this summer 1936.



Director: Uli Edel

Screenplay: Johannes Rexin & Elmar Freels

Image: Hannes Hubach

Sound: Jan Deca

Production Designer: Igor Gabriel

Costumes: xxx

Make-up: Barbara Bijelic

Editing: xxx

Music: Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz


Cast: Lars Eidinger, Ella Rumpf, Stefan Kurt


Produced by Tarantula Belgique, Rexin Film (Germany), Catpics (Switzerland) and Gum Films (Israel).



Uli Edel is a German director at the origin of several telefilms like “Rasputin” (1996), “Julius Caesar” (2002) and “Ring of the Nibelungs” (2004).